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About Co-ops

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A cooperative by definition is a place that is “owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services”. In terms of a preschool cooperative, parents and teachers come together to teach, support and encourage ‘their’ children. We, as the parent members of RPCNS, are the operators of our school. We choose to send our children to a school where people of different backgrounds come together for one purpose—to give our children a first school experience in a fun, exciting and nurturing environment.

It is a privilege to get to know the other children and parents in the school, as well as watch our children blossom and grow, firsthand.

RPCNS is a non-profit.  This affords us the opportunity to focus all of our monetary resources on one goal: making our school a safe, educationally stimulating environment for our students



Watching my son grow and mature while at RPCNS has been a very rewarding experience.  Being a part of the co-op there allowed me to witness this growth.  I would not change that for anything—it was wonderful.
   ~ Parent


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