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Sibling Nursery

If a family has a younger sibling not yet enrolled in RPCNS, we offer the use of our Sibling Nursery for each day the family is scheduled to co-op. The nursery is located in a cheerful, well-equiped room on the same hallway as all of our classrooms so your little one is never far away. Plus, the nursery is staffed by other RPCNS parents, so it is a loving place for your child.  


Our nursery is equipped to handle up to six children each morning.  It's hours of operation are from 20 minutes before school starts to 10 minutes after school's over.  

There are a few things to note concerning the nursery:

  • If you sign up to use the sibling nursery, your child’s place will be reserved for you automatically on your co-oping day.  This includes days that you are “standby” co-oper for the school;

  • The fee for using the sibling nursery is $10 per child per morning.  That fee is paid directly to the nursery worker and is due at the time you drop off your child;

  • It should be noted, if you do not need the reserved space, you should notify the sibling nursery worker at least 24 hours in advance.  If you do not do so, you will be required to pay the $10.00 fee.

If you are interested in using the Sibling Nursery, simply indicate so on your child's application to RPCNS. 

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