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What is a "Co-op"?

Teaching and learning together in a special community


A cooperative by definition is a place that is “owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services”. In terms of a preschool cooperative, parents and teachers come together to teach, support and encourage ‘their’ children. We, as the parent members of RPCNS, are the operators of our school. We choose to send our children to a school where people of different backgrounds come together for one purpose—to give our children a first school experience in a fun, exciting and nurturing environment.


A cooperative school is unique because the parents get to experience their child's education up close.  They work with their child and others in their class in a hands on way.  As a cooping parent, you will get to know all of the kids (and parents!) in your class, as well as the curriculum your child is learning.  These shared experiences among cooping families lead to a strong community.  Many of these preschool friendships last a lifetime.

It is a privilege to get to know the other children and parents in the school, as well as watch our children blossom and grow, firsthand.

For more information, see the recommended reading below:

Is Co-op Preschool Right for Your Family? (2015) by Bryony Angell

The Importance of Play in Early Childhood Education Programming  (2015) by Ron Spreeuwenberg

Play-based vs. Academic Preschools by Kathy Ems, Parent Cooperative Preschools International

Co-op Preschools: Everything Parents Need to Know by Rebecca Gale, Working Mother Magazine

Social-Emotional Development in Preschoolers (2015) by Kate Zinsser

Want to get your kids into college? Let them play  by Erika Christakis and Nicholas Chistakis (CNN) 

"RPCNS has been an amazing first school experience for both my child and me. I love getting to watch her learn and grow and know that I am part of that process, too."

-Former RPCNS Parent    

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