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The Parent Experience

"Dip Your Hands Into Your Child's education!"

A cooperative school is unique because the parents get to experience their child's education up close.  They work with their child and others in their class in a hands on way.  As a cooping parent, you will get to know all of the kids (and parents!) in your class, as well as the curriculum your child is learning.  These shared experiences among cooping families lead to a strong community.  Many of these preschool friendships last a lifetime.

In addition to being active participants in our children’s early school experiences, the parent members of RPCNS are responsible for the operation of the school and the maintenance of the physical space. In the spirit of cooperation, there are several requirements we have for every family:

Assist in your child’s class - Depending upon the age of your child and the number of days they are in school, the co-op burden is 2-5 times per month for each child enrolled. Parents act as the teacher's assistant for the entire class day in their child's classroom. This requirement can be "bought out" by choosing the "Non-Co-op" Option on the RPCNS Application.

Hold a job in the school - Each family is given a job at the school with the parents’ talents, strengths and personal preferences taken into account. The level of involvement required varies with different jobs.  Examples of jobs are Librarian, Maintenance, Class Representatives, and Board positions like Co-Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer. 

Participate in scheduled work days - Every family is required to work one set up day, one maintenance day and one pack up day each year. Each work day typically lasts 2.5 hours. This requirement can be bought out by forfeiting the clean-up deposit. 

Participate in fundraising activities - Our Fundraising Coordinators provide a variety of activities and small events for out members which raise money for the school. These range from restaurant nights, to Parents' Night Out, school photos, Kids Kreations, our Spring Festival, and more.  Our goal is to have every member family participate in at least one event or activity.  

Participate in required training - We require that all co-oping adults participate in a Parent Orientation, before the school year begins, and a Co-oper Check in meeting, scheduled shortly after the school year begins.  These meetings are mandatory and give co-opers all the tools they need to be successful in the classroom.  All co-oping adults will also be given a quick Orientation Tour that familiarizes them with the school's safety procedures. Additionally, the MSDE Office of Child Care requires that all co-opers complete an on-line Basic Health and Safety Course.

Fingerprinting and Criminal Background Check - The safety of our children is of the utmost importance. All adults who work with children in a child care or school facility must be fingerprinted and have a criminal background check completed according to the law in the State of Maryland.  All co-oping adults must be fingerprinted and a background check received before their first co-oping shift at RPCNS.

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